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Agricultural production

  • sampling and analysis of bulk fodder (silage, hay, mixed fodder), microbiology and mold analysis
  • sampling and analysis of manures and industrial composts (dung, slurry, composts)
  • analysis of mineral fertilizers (saltpetre, NPK, etc.)
  • sampling and analysis of plants (leaf analysis, analysis of fruit and vegetables, etc.)
  • food analysis (according to requirements of customers)
  • analysis of oily seeds (poppy – humidity, debris, acidity number of fats, heavy metals contetn, morphin alcaloids, glyphosate, etc.)

Soils and dirts

  • sampling and analysis of agricultural soils (basic element content, forms of nitrogen, leachate tests)
  • sampling and analysis of dirts (nutrient content)
  • survey of land (contamination with oil substances, heavy metals, chlorated hydrocarbons including PCB, PAH, PCDD/F)

Rinse waters

  • sampling and analysis of rinse waters (waste waters)

Biogas stations

  • sampling and analysis of primary substances (dry mass, ashes, elementary analysis, organic acids content, heavy metals contetnt, etc.)
  • control of fermentation processes – analysis of digestate or fermentate (pH, FOS/TAC, organic acids, dry mass, ammonia nitrogen, etc.)
  • analysis of final digestate (heavy metal content, etc.)
  • biogas analysis (content of methane, carbon dioxide, simple hydrocarbons, sulphur and chlorine compounds, caloric value determination)

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