Biogas, landfill gas, soil air

Are you anoperator of biogas statio, landfill or water treatment plant? Do you need to determine sampling and analysis of biogas, soil air, or landfill gas? We have a solution for you: We offer a complex array o these services. We are holders of accreditation for complete extent of measured harmful substances according to valid legislation.

Extent of measurement:
Requirements for quality of gaseous fuels are valid from 1.1.2014 (directive No. 415/2012)

  • content of sulphur and its compounds
  • content of chlorine and its compounds

If necessary, we realize extended extent of measurement:

  • methane, CO2, O2, humidity, calorific value, chlorine, fluorine, SO2, Si, H2S, NH3, content of solid particles including their distribution.

We realize underground and surface (surface migration) sampling of landfill gas on landfill bodies.
We realize measurement of organic compounds VOC in soil air including sampling by thrusting sonds and sampling bell.

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