Analyzes of Water

We offer the accredited sampling and the accredited analyzes of water in the field of environment and water sanitation


  • drinking water and water used in the manufacture of food and beverages
  • warm water
  • wastewater and liquid wastes
  • processing water (e.g. boiler, cooling, supply water)
  • surface water (from water reservoirs, rivers and streams)
  • groundwater from wells
  • bathing water (from pools, artificial and natural pools) etc.


  • analyzes of drinking and warm water – according to the current Decree of the Ministry of Health that defines hygienic requirements for drinking and warm water and the extent of its controls.

We provide the analyzes of drinking water:

a) from sources of individual water supply (e.g. private wells),
b) from sources of public supply (usually used for commercial purposes),
c) packaged drinking water (including baby water).

Notes: Specified range of the analyzed parameters corresponds to the current legislation or requirements of the authorizing agencies – there is the possibility of full or part-range water analysis. Certain types of approval procedures usually require only a microbiological analysis of water.

  • analyzes of raw groundwater and groundwater within the monitoring of landfills and environmental damage - according to the Methodical Instructions of the Ministry of the Environment
  • analyzes of surface water – in the accordance with the environmental legislation
  • analyzes of processing water – according to the customer´s requirements
  • analyzes of wastewater (sewage, municipal waste water, industrial and discharged processing water) – according to the Water Act and the current government regulations
  • water analyzes in the range of the current Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on fees for the discharge of wastewater into surface waters, it is also possible to carry out analyzes of pollutants in water discharged from the equipment for cleaning of waste gases from waste incineration in the range of the relevant government regulations and further according to the customer requirements,
  • water analyzes to determine water quality in artificial swimming pools in the range of current regulations of the Ministry of Health which sets hygienic requirements for swimming pools, saunas etc.
  • analyzes of irrigation water according to the relevant standards.
  • analyzes of industrial water


We offer a complete preparation of the emergency plans, eventually consultation during their processing, according to the requirements of the Water Act and valid Decree no. 450/2005 Coll.

Preparation of flood and emergency plans
The flood protection and prevention against damage caused by the floods is still one of the most important priority due to the disastrous floods that occurred mainly in 1997, 2000 and 2002. In terms of climate changes, it can be assumed a greater amount of spasmodic rainfall in our latitudes.
The Water Act no. 254/2001 Coll., defines in its Title IX Protection against flood to limit damage of property and lives.
The owners of lands and buildings located in flood areas that may aggravate a progress of the flood, create the flood plans for their need. These plans must be in accordance with the flood plan of the corresponding municipality. In the case of doubt, the appropriate water authority decides about this necessity.

We have an experience in preparation of the flood plans concerning with the risk flood areas. The plans are action, legible and substantively correct. We have developed general procedures, contents of training etc. It leads to save time in processing of the flood plans.

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