Information System for EIA

Impact assessment of plans (related to buildings, activities, technologies), spatial planning and concepts on the environment and public health

We offer:

  • preparation of notifications, documentation and opinions by qualified persons with the appropriate authorization
  • realization of independent expert studies, measurement, monitoring and surveys
  • consultancy and advisory services within the EIA (SEA) process and in subsequent proceedings (information system for EIA)

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Independent studies, surveys, measurement related to the assessment process of impacts on environment

  • monitoring, authorized emission measurement, purposeful air pollution measurement (including odor measurement)
  • accredited noise measurement
  • procedures for the information system for EIA
  • model calculations - dispersion and noise studies
  • health impact assessment, health risk assessment (HIA, HRA)
  • expert opinions and operating schedules for sources of air pollution
  • assessment of an impact of buildings and activities on the landscape
  • survey and biological assessment of an interested location
  • assessment of an impact on habitats and species of European significant locations and bird areas (locations of NATURA 2000)
  • hydrogeological survey, assessment of old burdens
  • plan of measures in the case of an accidental leakage

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