Sampling of Sediments, Debris, Soil, Compost, Sludge, Substrates, Fertilizers


  • accredited sampling of sediments and authorized sampling of soils (authorization of the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture) for their use on Agricultural Land Fund (ALF)
  • sampling of sediments for their application on the ALF or outside of ALF
  • sampling of debris before/during a demolition in order to verify the possibility of debris using for its recycling or other use
  • monitoring of sludge coming from sewage and industrial wastewater including a possible evaluation of their hazardous properties, monitoring of critical parameters, consultancy
  • monitoring of compost, substrates or fertilizers including any technical assistance for their registration, monitoring of the critical parameters, general consultancy during monitoring free of charge, assistance in setting of the control system
  • sampling of soils for their use, consultancy during soil management
  • well arranged publication with examples for the originator of soil, debris and sediments at an unbeatable price on the market

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