Do you need authorized emission measurement?

We are authorized by MŽP to measure emissions according to law No. 201/2012 Sb. (Zákon o ochraně ovzduší).

We have more than 20-year praxis in emission measurement, so feel free to utilize our rich experiences

We offer complex solutions for emission measurements

  • Check of actual measuring sites, including professional consultations directly on the site
  • If neccessary, we organize preparation and installation of new monitoring sites including supply of normalized measuring collars. Everything is in accordance with specific norms
  • Realization of emission measurement from date proposal, extent of measurement proposal, measurement, data evaluation, to eventuall final consultation

We offer measurement of following parameters:

  • determination of selected parameters of air conditioning (temperature of streaming air mass, pipeline pressure, humidity, streaming velocity of gas, volume of streamed gas)
  • solid contaminants
  • azbestos
  • gaseous contaminants (CO, NOx, SO2)
  • determination of O2 concentration
  • metals (As, Cd, Hg, Pb, Zn, CrVI+….)
  • concentrations of volatile organic compounds experessed as total organic carbon(TOC)
  • manual sampling for determination of specific volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • NH3, H2S, carbon-disulphide
  • anorganic chlorine compounds
  • anorganic fluorine compounds
  • strong anorganic acids expressed as H+
  • hydrogen cyanide, cyanides expressed as CN-
  • phenol, formaldehyde, formic acid
  • PAH - polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • PCB – polychlorinated biphenyls
  • PCDD/F - polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans
  • odour compounds
  • determination of smoke obscurity

We own three completly equipped measuring vehicles and so we are able to react promptly on date proposals of our clients. We are also able to conduct measurements at more places simultaneously that can be used by measurements of effectivity of separation appliances or filters.

Technical measurement of emissions
For our customers, we perform technical measuremetns of emissions. Take advantage of our rich experiences in this field. This meaurement does not need to follow legislation nor directives and serves only for the goals of an practitioner. Reasons for the measurement can vary and it is completely upon an agreement with the customer to decide what, when, how long and during which conditions will be measured. Only the utility for the customer has to be secured. This allows to save lots of money and prevent possible problems.

The most common procedures are as follows:
• Measurement of model situations
• semi-operational tests
• Adjustment of technologies
• Search for suitable technologies
• control of proper function of technological apparatus
• determination and effectivity control of emission separators
• measurement of airconditioning parameters
• continual measurement

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