EIA, SEA, IPPC, Expert Opinion

EMPLA AG Ltd. is engaged in a comprehensive assessment of impacts on the environment and public health. We have a broad team of specialists in various fields (i.e. air protection, water protection, nature protection, protection against noise and vibration, management of chemicals and wastes, environmental toxicology). A specialized group performs sampling and the authorized and accredited measurement. The accredited test ecological laboratories of EMPLA AG analyze a wide range of media and materials: drinking, surface and waste water, wastes, soils, emission and air pollution, working environment, and technical materials.
Measurement, analyzes and independent studies serve as a base for preparation of the notification or documentation (EIA), the assessment of spatial plans and conceptions (SEA).
The results of evaluation, surveys, and studies should be used for a decision making in conditions of operation plan, or implementation of necessary measures to minimize risks, preparation of an opinion from the competent authority, to inform the public etc.

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