We provide comprehensive consulting activities in the field of microbiology including the application of bioengineering methods.

All assays are carried out according to the applicable standards and relevant legislation of the Czech Republic and the European Union.

Microbiological analyzes of different water types

  • drinking (including warm) water and packaged drinking water
  • pool, surface, and non-potable water
  • rinsing water and wastewater
  • biological monitoring of critical processes during wastewater treatment

Bacterial detection and determination of the genus Legionella or the species of L. pneumophila in water of distribution systems and in air conditioning systems

Microbiological analyzes of food, feed, and environment of food plants

Microbiological purity assessment of air and working environment, manufacturing spaces

  • air sampling is performed by the aeroscopic or sedimentation method
  • walls, working and floor spaces, or protective equipment and different textiles are investigated by the swab method
  • formation of a proposal to eliminate or reduce microbial contamination, consulting activities

Microbiological control of cosmetic products, verification of the efficiency of preservatives in cosmetic products

Testing of bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectants

  • determination of the efficiency of specific disinfectants,
  • a proposal for an efficient procedure during disinfection and help in a selection and application of specific disinfectants

Microbiological analyzes of various kinds of sweetened and unsweetened drinks (e.g. soft drinks, juices, syrups)

Identification and determination of yeasts and molds

  • detection of medically undesirable yeasts and molds
  • microbiological investigation and assessment of an adverse contamination caused by yeasts and molds (e.g. during a technological process),
  • a proposal of specific comprehensive solution of the situation.

Categorization of physiological groups of microorganisms in food and water management sectors

  • determination of microorganisms decomposing proteins, cellulose, fat and starch in food and water

Testing of antimicrobial effectiveness of various substances, solutions, bandages and protective materials, or final products

  • determination of the efficiency by the dilution method,
  • determination of the efficiency by the plate method on agar media.

Microbiological control of packaging materials used in food industry

Determination of inhibitory substances (residues) in animal products such as milk, dairy products, and meat

  • the microbiological plate method

The list of the accredited tests - see the appendix named the Accredited Certificate.

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