Design activities

Design of wastewater treatment plants

  • chemico–technological purification tests
  • technical solution for purification of wastewater
  • design for building permit
  • realization documentation
  • operation rule of wastewater treatment plants
  • technical and professional service for wastewater treatment plants

Design of ventilation and antinoise measures

  • measurement of microclimatic conditions and the HVAC parameters
  • measurement of chemical pollutants and dust and determination of an explosion in products and measurement of the external influences
  • technical solution for the extraction of pollutants and ventilation of spaces
  • design of ventilation and air-conditioning
  • design and construction of acoustic enclosures, silencers and antinoise barriers
  • noise studies and noise and vibration measurement

Protocols for determination of external influences

  • concentration measurement of flammable and explosive gases and vapors
  • concentration measurement of flammable and explosive dusts
  • determination of the air exchange minimum in hazardous spaces
  • determination of the level of an electrical installation protection in hazardous areas
  • preparation of a report on determination of external influences
  • cooperation with HVAC professionals, electrics, technology, fire protection

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