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Company EMPLA s.r.o. was founded in 1991 as a research and innovation center in area of environmental and health protection. From this point of view, our company is without a doubt one of the most prominent in the Czech Republic and with its focus and complexity of offered services also in whole European Union.

Company posesses its own numerous and modernly equiped laboratories, including proficient assurance of save working conditions for its professional staff.

Laboratory equipment and level of professionality of our employees allow us to analyze any kind of material coming from the environment, including industrial materials, e.g. Emissions, imissions, working environment, interior air of buildings, waste, soils, waters, food, fodder, beverages, technical materials, … One of the important expert workplaces in EMPLA AG are physical laboratories, that monitor parameters like noise, vibration, temperature, glowing heat, humidity, illumination, energetic output, etc.

This relates to focus of our study and innovation of new monitoring methods (pasive dozimetry) and new technologies for environment protection (chemisorptive systems). The company is dealing with expert reporting, consulting services as well as engineering activities specializing in environmental protection.

Integral part of our company is center for education and information in environmental protection and health, that organizes wide array of educational seminars, particularly for industrial and administrative workers. Research is oriented particularly on environmental protection and on technologies in areas, where the company has long-term tradition.

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