Work categorization

Work categorization is expressed as an assessment of the stress level for employees using many factors determining a quality of work conditions. Are you interested in work categorization according to the profession and would you like to turn to the experts? Contact us and we provide and arrange all necessary formalities.

We offer a comprehensive solution for work categorization

  • we realize an inventory of risk factors in a workplace
  • we keep records for categorization of risk work
  • on the basis of performed measurement we prepare proposals for an inclusion in a suitable work category according to the profession including risk assessment, toxicology of used chemicals, description of chemical operations and way of health protection

Are you interested in our comprehensive services? Contact us.

Some factors of working conditions

For work title categorization we distinguish a total of 13 factors of working conditions:

  • dust (P)
  • chemicals (Ch)
  • noise (H)
  • vibration (V)
  • non-ionizing radiation and electromagnetic field (NZ)
  • physical stress (FZ)
  • etc.

We carry out a classification into four categories (work title categorization) based on the extent of factors and their riskiness (in accordance with § 37 of the Act on protection of public health No. 258/2000 Coll.):

The first category
- the work where there is no adverse effect on health according to the current status

The second category
- the work where the adverse health effect can be rarely expected in susceptible persons according to the current status, hygienic limits are not exceeded

The third category
- hygienic limits are exceeded, the occupational diseases are occurred repeatedly

The fourth category
- high health risk which cannot be excluded even in use of available and applicable protection measures

Work categorization without worries
The whole procedure of the work categorization is extremely complex and most corporate customers turn on us. Contact us and try our services which are based on a long-term experience in the field.

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